Monday, December 16, 2013

Senior Finance Manager

TITLE:                                                  Senior Finance Manager

REPORTS TO:                                     Program Director                             

DIRECT REPORTS:                             Logistics Officer, HR Officer, Bookkeeper, Office Cleaner

BASED IN:                                            Kitale, Kenya

CLASSIFICATION:                             Full Time Employee



HealthRight International (formerly Doctors of the World-USA) is a global health and human rights organization working where health is diminished or endangered by violations of human rights and civil liberties.  Reaching out to the most vulnerable and marginalized populations, HealthRight works with local partners to build sustainable access to health care for excluded populations. 



The Senior Finance Manager will be responsible for managing the day-to-day finance and accounting for the HealthRight Kenya programs ensuring timely production and submission of internal financial reports.  This position is responsible for ensuring compliance with all HealthRight and donor finance policies and procedures as well as standard Kenya accounting practices.


The Senior Finance Manager reports directly to the Program Director.




a)      Manage all aspects of day to day finance department activities.

b)      Provide timely and accurate payments to all vendors.

c)       Pay staff salaries and monitor all staff advances and loans; organize repayments.

d)      Enter all HealthRight expenditures accurately into the QuickBooks financial reporting system using appropriate accounting codes

e)      Review all payments for proper and adequate back-up documentation and report any inconsistencies to either the Project Directors or the Program Manager;

f)       Produce accurate and complete expense reports for submission by the 15th of each subsequent month to HQ;

g)      Finalize monthly expense reports after making all necessary revisions and responding to any HQ questions.

h)      Review monthly bank reconciliations and report any inconsistencies.

i)        Verify receipt of all incoming bank transfers from HQ or donors.

j)        Send bank statements, receipts and income reports to HQ regularly.

k)      Ensure compliance with HealthRight financial procedures and guidelines

l)        Ensure compliance with all donor financial procedures and guidelines

m)    Organize and participate in annual financial audits.



a)      Monitor grant budget lines and alert program staff and HQ about any significant over expenditures or problematic spending practices.

b)      Review and understand all grant budget guidelines and instructions.

c)       Provide training and assistance to staff on budgets and accounting practices.


Operations Support:

a)      With HR, audit staff timesheets

b)      With HR, audit personnel files to ensure compliance with HealthRight Personnel Policies

c)       Assist with recruitment of HealthRight staff, as a member of the hiring team.

d)      With logistics, review all purchase requests for proper coding and budget adequacy before approval

e)      In liaison with logistics, prepare commitment lists every month for financial obligations already entered into but not yet captured in financial reports.

f)       With input from the project directors, prepare accurate funds transfer requests for HQ by the 15th of each month.

g)      Participate in weekly or bi-weekly support team meetings.