Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Earthquake in Haiti

HealthRight International is deeply saddened and concerned about the devastation caused by Tuesday’s earthquake in Haiti.  Our thoughts and our sympathies go out to the victims and all those affected. 

Many of our colleague organizations are working tirelessly to respond with help for the people of Haiti.  To learn more about what various relief agencies are doing and how you can help, please visit the Haiti Emergency Response page of Interaction. 

The suffering wrought by natural disaster is always magnified by poverty and marginalization.  The disaster in Haiti calls not only for the immediate and coordinated response of aid organizations and governments, but also a serious commitment by the international community and the Haitian government to ensure that aid efforts for Haiti are used to help rebuild the country’s health and emergency response infrastructure based on principles of sustainability and human rights. 

Thank you for your concern and support.