Monday, October 1, 2007

Tribeca Trib features Doctors of the World-USA's Human Rights Clinic

The October issue of Tribeca Trib, a lower Manhattan newspaper, features HealthRight International’s (formerly Doctors of the World-USA) Human Rights Clinic and its work to support asylum cases in the U.S. for survivors of torture and other abuse. 
The article highlights the story of Jean Pierre Kamwa, a HealthRight client who in 1999 escaped persecution in Cameroon only to be locked in a U.S. detention center upon arrival. With the help of long-time HealthRight-volunteer Dr. Gary Stadtmauer and the Human Rights Clinic, Kamwa was granted asylum in the U.S. and now lives in the Bronx and holds a Masters Degree in Social Work. 
Stadtmauer and fellow long-time volunteer Dr. Elizabeth Singer also describe the inevitable emotional reactions, as well as the personal fulfillment, experienced after they encounter tales of the brutality endured by their clients.
The Human Rights Clinic, HealthRight’s longest running project, trains physicians and mental health professionals to examine and write affidavits in support of asylum cases for survivors of torture.