Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Fact Sheet: HIV in Vietnam


Estimated total # people living with HIV in Vietnam in 2009: 243,000*
Estimated total # people living with HIV in Vietnam in 2010: 254,000*

Estimated # children living with HIV in Vietnam in 2009: 4,720*
Estimated # children living with HIV in Vietnam in 2010: 5,100*

In Vietnam, HIV prevalence is estimated at 0.44% in the general population, though is much higher in key populations most at risk and is still growing. 30% of injecting drug user populations are estimated to be HIV positive. As the epidemic progresses, people living with HIV are getting younger and heterosexual transmission is becoming more significant. HIV exists in all 64 provinces/cities though patterns of prevalence and transmission differ geographically. Of all reported HIV cases, the vast majority lie in the age group 20–39, and in male rather than female populations. Whilst treatment rates have increased significantly in recent years, only an estimated 30% of those who need treatment can currently access it.**

HealthRight International is a global organization promoting the right to health by building lasting access to health for excluded communities. Since its founding in 1990 by pioneering AIDS researcher, physician and activist Dr. Jonathan Mann, HealthRight has worked in over 30 countries, with current projects in Kenya, Nepal, Russia, Ukraine, the United States and Vietnam. HealthRight has worked in Vietnam since 2008 to address the health and social needs of children who have become infected by HIV or whose families have been impacted by the epidemic.

Key HealthRight partners in Vietnam:
Hanoi Women’s Union, Bright Futures Network of People Living with HIV, Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs and Provincial AIDS Centre

Number of children and family members served by HealthRight programs in Vietnam in 2009: 1,344

** Viet Nam Ministry of Health