Sunday, September 26, 2010

Board Member Timothy Crowhurst: Reflections From Viet Nam


HealthRight Board Member Timothy

Crowhurst with HealthRight staff

and partners in Ha Noi, Viet Nam

Photo by Ehrin Macksey.


I had the privilege of visiting one of HealthRight’s projects in Ha Noi when we had the tremendous honor of hosting Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as she visited our project site. In the run-up to the visit, I was apprehensive about the despair I might find in the children and families living with the devastation of HIV and the horrible stigma that carries in Viet Nam. Instead, what I found could not have been more different. The people in our program exude a palpable sense of hope and promise. Several of our clients talked to me about the courage they found to confront the disease and reclaim their lives through the rights-based programs we are facilitating. It was a joy to play with the young children in our daycare center who were all affected by or living with HIV themselves. Seeing them in a safe and welcoming environment with the same sense of silliness and mischief as my own children truly opened my eyes to the healing nature of the work we do. To me, that is what HealthRight is all about. We work tirelessly to provide hope and empowerment to the communities and families we work with by helping them reclaim their right to health.

- Timothy Crowhurst, HealthRight international Board of Directors