In the News


 September 2011   

 Journal of Urban Health: Bulletin of the New York Academy of Medicine
 The Journal of Urban Health published an article on HealthRight and the  CDC’s exploration of pregnancy and its contributing risk factors among street-  involved youth in Ukraine.  Young people initiating sexual activity earlier than 12  years of age, and those reporting that they had ever participated in anal sex,  exchanged sex for goods, or been diagnosed with a sexually transmitted  infection, were significantly more likely to have experienced at least one  pregnancy.




 December  2010

Letter to the Editor: Everyone is guaranteed the right to health.
The New Yorker Magazine published HealthRight's letter to the editor, in which we asserted that everyone is guaranteed the right to health: "a standard of living adequate for the health and well-being of himself and of his family, including...medical care."

 November 2010

 A New Book of Breakthrough Significance on Rights-based Approaches to Public Health
Included among a selective choice of global public health programs is a case study of HealthRight.





July  2010

Multicity HIV seroprevalence in street youth, Ukraine
HealthRight’s survey of rates of HIV infections among street youth in Ukraine was recently published in the International Journal of STD & AIDS, the most highly cited journal in the HIV/AIDS field.


July 22, 2010

Foreign Policy: "Clinton Engages in Health Diplomacy on HIV/AIDS in Vietnam"
Blog post on U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton's visit to HealthRight's Smile of the Sun Center in Hanoi, Vietnam, for the signing of the U.S. - Vietnam Partnership Framework to fight HIV/AIDS in Vietnam.



July 20, 2010

AIDSMAP: "HIV infection soaring amongst Eastern European 'street youth'"
Story focusing on the HIV epidemic, with coverage of HealthRight's presentation of data from Ukraine at AIDS 2010.


July 9, 2010

SCIENCE: "HIV Moves in Among Homeless Youth"
In this article by Jon Cohen, Science Magazine examines the HIV epidemic among street youth in Russia and Ukraine, highlighting HealthRight's programs in St. Petersburg, Russia.


July 9, 2010

SCIENCE: "Photo Essay: HIV/AIDS in Eastern Europe"
Science Magazine highlights HealthRight's efforts to treat and prevent the spread of HIV among street youth in St. Petersburg, Russia



June, 2010

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN: "Human Rights With a Doctor's Touch"
Scientific American special edition publication New Answers for Global Health examines HealthRight's Human Rights Clinic


June 8, 2010

HUFFINGTON POST: "Kate Kelly: How About Some Encouraging News?"
Kate Kelly reports on the 2010 Health and Human Rights Awards and how HealthRight International is saving lives and inspiring people around the world.



April 26, 2010
AMERICAN MEDICAL NEWS: "Asylum seekers get help from physicians"
HealthRight's Human Rights Clinic volunteers mentioned for their work in documenting the scars, broken bones and mental anguish of people who were tortured in their native lands.


April 19, 2010
FAST COMPANY: "HealthRight International: Buliding Sustainable Solutions That Appeal To Business Investors"
Through partnerships, effective governance, and the combination of nonprofit and business approaches, HealthRight is pursuing long term impact for some of the world's toughest challenges.



March 22, 2010
FINANCIAL TIMES: "How to give it: Steve Berger"
An interview with Steve Berger about balancing charitable priorities, what donors want to see, and his passions.




January 7, 2010
JOURNAL OF FORENSIC AND LEGAL MEDIC: "An Analytical Approach to Clinical Forensic Evaluations of Asylum Seekers: The Healthright International Human Rights Clinic"
A new study written by volunteers from HealthRight's Human Rights Clinic examines the methods of clinical forensic examinations for asylum seekers developed through the Human Rights Clinic.


November 30, 2009
FINANCIAL TIMES: "Prevention: simple solutions offer more promise"
For all the research to find sophisticated new ways of limiting the spread of HIV, some of the most simple and longest-established prevention techniques offer the greatest potential. Mila comments on the pros and cons of HIV testing as a prevention tool.