Human Rights Clinic Training Denver CO



Saturday July 13, 2013



08:30:00 AM


Date:                Saturday, July 13, 2013

Time:               8:30 AM-2:00 PM

Description:   Training in Denver, CO for licensed medical and mental health professionals interested in volunteering to evaluate people who are seeking asylum and other types of immigration relief in the United States based on claims of having survived torture, and provide affidavits to be used as expert evidence in immigration proceedings.

Volunteers serve as expert witnesses and are required to attend a half-day training, which will provide them with an understanding of the asylum process in the United States, prepare them to evaluate the effects of torture on survivors, address the importance of writing effective affidavits and connect clients to culturally appropriate community services.


Who should attend: Physicians and clinical mental health professionals licensed to practice in the United States.


To register:      To apply, please email


Location:          Daniels Fund
                          101 Monroe Street   

                          Denver, CO  80206